Urban micro-forest, Villereuse

This urban micro-forest is the result of transforming a car park in the heart of the Villeureuse district into a veritable oasis of greenery!

The collective effort of local residents was deployed using the Miyawaki method, renowned for its ability to green cities, and resulted in the planting of no fewer than 630 trees of 30 different species. After relocating the 18 underground parking spaces nearby, the ground was carefully prepared and cleared of tarmac to provide a healthy, fertile environment for the tree roots over an area of 360 m².

As well as creating a refuge for local wildlife, our micro-forest helps to reduce heat islands, improve rainwater infiltration and beautify our living environment. Since it was planted, its upkeep has helped to strengthen social ties in the neighbourhood and raised awareness of the importance of biodiversity in the city.

Source Ville de Genève

▶ Rue de Villereuse 6 - 1207 Geneva