Geneva (after melting glacier)

Diana Lelonek

Alongside the Melting Gallery installation created with artist Denim Szram, Diana Lelonek presents a panorama divided into a series of three photographs hung from the eaves of the historic Pâquis landing stage building, as if these images, the same size as the windows, replaced them.

Taken by the artist during a residency in Geneva a few weeks before the exhibition, the photographs show the harbour directly from the Quai du Mont-Blanc, and have been edited to reveal what the city would look like in a distant future when the lake has dried up. What Geneva would look like if the glaciers and tributaries of Lake Geneva dried up. Looking beyond scenarios of rising temperatures, Diana Lelonek projects herself in images into a dystopia that may not be as unreal as all that…

▶ Artwork: Geneva (after melting glacier), 2023, Photographic triptych printed on canvas, 100 x 135 cm

▶ Venue: Débarcadère des Pâquis, ASL

  • Geneva (after melting glacier)

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