Melting Gallery

Diana Lelonek & Denim Szram

For (re) (02) - Beyond Water, Diana Lelonek presents Melting Gallery, a multi-channel sound installation created in 2019 in collaboration with Swiss sound artist and composer Denim Szram. The recordings created by the artist on three melting Alpine glaciers (Rhone, Aletsch and Morteratsch) are a kind of symphony of disappearing ice. The sound of a slow-moving catastrophe, whose arrival is hardly spectacular, is blurred, present everywhere and nowhere. Alpine glaciers are disappearing very fast; some of them are already gone forever. An excursion on the glacier, listening to the omnipresent sound of the uniform flow, is like a countdown. The sound is a direct sign of irretrievable loss. The multi-channel sound installation presented at the Bains des Pâquis refers directly to the source of the water that flows beneath the viewer's feet before returning to the Rhône.

  • Melting Gallery

▶ Artwork: Melting Gallery, 2019, 4-channel sound installation, Variable dimensions

▶ Venues: Bains des Pâquis and débarcadère des Pâquis