Anne-Laure Franchette & Manon Briod

Anne-Laure Franchette lives and works in Zurich. Exploring urban textures and narratives, her work brings together material and immaterial layers, desires and projections interwoven in the physical components she uses. Her research is particularly interested in the question of work, in representations and manifestations of hierarchies of dignity (linked to beings, objects or practices), and in strategies of self-organization and representation.

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Manon Briod lives and works between Vevey and Pompaples. Approaching object design as a critical territory of gesture and use, she questions the processes of industrial production and consumption from the angle of their socio-ecological impacts. Her current research focuses on biopolymers of bacterial origin, seduced by the fluidity and ephemerality of a material that degrades over time, leaving no trace. Their collaboration began in 2021 with the inauguration of the book Mobile Soils published by TETI Press.

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Anne-Laure Franchette & Manon Briod
Anne-Laure Franchette
Anne-Laure Franchette & Manon Briod
Manon Briod