Maison de la Pêche

Located at the end of the Eaux-Vives public beach, the Maison de la Pêche helps to ensure the long-term survival of the professional fishing profession, and to preserve the fish stocks of Lake Geneva.

It houses five professional fishermen who were previously based on the commercial quay. This space enables them to continue their fishing activities in a professional manner. It also offers training courses for aspiring fishermen, introductory fishing courses, and related educational activities. It also houses a hatchery, helping to preserve and reproduce aquatic species.

It was built as part of the development of the Plage Publique des Eaux-Vives in order to make it easier for walkers to stroll along the banks of the lake, and to provide a space dedicated to professional and amateur fishermen – while at the same time, allowing the lake's flora and fauna to flourish.

The Maison de la Pêche will host Carmen Perrin's Lignes de fuite.