Spherical Semaphores (Genève)

Raul Walch

To create the work Spherical Semaphores (Genève) for the Biennial (re)connecting.earth (02) - Beyond Water, Raul Walch chose three boats to reuse their old sails, paint them and sail the boats on Lake Geneva. The new sails have to offer both a different feel to the wind - for the sailors - and a new visual perspective on the lake - for spectators watching from the shore. The re-use of fabrics is at the heart of Walch's practice, which is as much about bringing natural elements to the fore as it is about showing how the recovery of textiles can magnify objects.

▶ Artwork: Spherical Semaphores (Geneva), 2023, Textile colour on sailcloth, Variable dimensions

▶ Venue: Débarcadère De-Chateaubriand

▶ Collaboration: Association Anyone Can Sail

  • Spherical Semaphores (Genève)

    © Eric Vuillemin

  • Spherical Semaphores (Genève)

    © Lucille Chaboche