Two Sides of the Moon

Som Supaparinya

For (re) (02) - Beyond Water, artist Som Supaparinya presents the video work Two Sides of the Moon. This film recounts the lives of fishermen and fisherwomen at the beginning and end of the Moon River where it joins the Mekong, on the border between Thailand and Laos. Each place - and its people - is confronted with the modification of the river landscape by the man-made dam, but their stories and the impact on their lives are contrasting. One community has started to learn how to fish, while the other is counting the names of lost fish and tools. The concept of light and darkness derives from the brightness of the moon and its shadows, and the contrast between the two sides of the river reveals the inequality of fates.

▶ Artwork: Two Sides of the Moon, 2021, Video, 31’15

▶ Venue: École des Vergers (Meyrin), September 23 at 7.30pm in the presence of the film director

  • Two Sides of the Moon